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Avadhesh Yadav genuinely cares about helping you achieve the goals you have for your project, product or business. His understanding of many platforms is what sets him apart from the rest AND he is always willing to assist and works hard to ensure the outcome is achieved every time.

Janelle Knox

Setup My Website on New Kajabi

"Avadhesh is a genuine guy and was super fun to work with. He was available whenever we needed him. Plus, very cool ideas and workflows were created while brainstorming with him!" 

- Dylan Stewart

✨ Epic Tech Support Share ✨

Hey, my fellow Kajabi platform users!

I found an amazing Kajabi Expert, Avadhesh Yadav.

He works at the speed of light, super easy to communicate, and really knows Kajabi tech side...and his rates are VERY reasonable and he is from one of my favorite countries: India.

He has no idea I am making this post about him (😋),

I am just so impressed with what he helped me with so far,

I want to share it with you.

If you need help with your pipelines (Kajabi version of funnels), email sequence set-up, landing pages set-up - all those tedious things that DRAIN your visionary power —> hire Kajabi expert to set it up for you.

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✨ Kajabi Funnel King ✨

Av was excellent to work with and helped me set up my funnel when I was struggling.

Not only did he help me technically but he also gave me input and ideas on how best to set a funnel up from his years of experience.

We are now working on an upgraded funnel and mini websites.

I highly recommend his services, he is excellent.

Fred Van Urk

✨ Kajabi Rockstar ✨

Avadhesh was amazing to work with.

After I initially contacted him, my project was immediately completed and it looked great!

I’m so, so, happy because I struggled for hours with this project and he completed it lightning fast.

I would, without a doubt, recommend him to anyone needing extra support with Kajabi!!

Kristin Serretti-Cerasoli