5 ways to supercharge your checkout page and boost your conversion rate

Your checkout page is one of the most crucial pages of your school: it is on this page that your potential customer will finally provide his/her billing details and confirm that purchase you worked so hard for. We know that getting someone to give his credit card info is not easy. So it is highly important that you make this page as informative, as frictionless and as trustworthy as possible. Any mistake here can scare this customer away.

Here are just a few of the ways you can use our Pages Builder to make your checkout work in your favor!

1) Include Trust and Security Seals

Let your customers know that your site is a secure, trusted place to do business. You can show your SSL certificate seal (yep. the same one that LearnWorlds gives you for free with your subscription). Other popular security seals include Norton Shopping Guarantee, Verisign and BizRate.

2) Include Payment and credit card Logos

Include logos that make your users feel good about shopping at your online school. Credit card or PayPal logos are a small, yet reassuring, visual cue for users. It can help eliminate confusion about what types of payment are accepted. You can also add a logo from your payment gateway of choice (such as stripe) that reassures users about the trustworthiness and security of your school. Just remember to keep the images small and group them together in a tidy manner.

3) Include money-back guarantees, contact and other necessary info

This can be information about your privacy policy, FAQ and returns policy, which you can make readily available within your checkout screen. Do you offer a “30-day money back guarantee”? Here is the place to show it. Just add a zone with your Pages Builder, add a juicy logo and you are set.

Don’t forget to display your contact info for any questions – Let customers know how they can reach you by phone and email. Having email and phone contact details on the checkout page can prevent your checkout page from being abandoned due to unanswered questions. People just feel safer when they know they can reach you if something goes amiss with their purchase.

4) Include customer testimonials and course ratings

Nothing helps instill confidence in an order more than customer reviews and ratings about a particular course. Customers want to know if the course was worth it, if other students got value for their money. Don’t let them find out too late!

If you are adding student reviews don’t forget to add photos of the reviewers. A photo of a person really instils trust on your school (you can ask for those photos politely, and even offer a discount or free course in exchange. Trust me, they are worth their weight in gold)

Plus, right here on your checkout page you have a great opportunity to ask for reviews in exchange for coupons or discounts – Encourage your new students to review a course in exchange for a discount or coupon by email.

5) Recommend related courses and bundles

This is another excellent practice and a great opportunity to upsell. For example, let your customers know that instead of purchasing a single course they can unlock the whole school by subscribing to your Gold subscription.

Do you offer a coupon on your website? Remind your customers here. Even if they still complete the purchase, no one wants to find out too late that they missed an excellent discount and that you didn’t inform them. It’s not worth it; better to have your customers happy and loyal.

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